Aachi Sabji Masala 200g


Aachi Sabji Masala 200g

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Aachi Sabji Masala 200g.

Aachi Sabji Masala is a combination of authentic spices. Which can be used for the preparation of daily Indian curries or vegetable mixes. It contains a blend of spices which gives good flavor.

Aachi Sabji Masala 200g

This is a popular blend of freshly ground spices used to cook the most cooked dish of the Indian subcontinent – Sabji. This spice blend is very popular throughout India, Nepal, and Bangladesh. Aachi Sabzi Masala is a standard blend to appease all taste buds across the subcontinent.

Ingredients: Coriander, Cumin, Chili, Cloves, and many more spices that can make you feel the authentic taste of India.

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