Girnar Instant Cardamom Tea 140g


Indians boast of Chai, thanks to the Queen of England;
Indians boast of Cardamom Chai, thanks to the Queen of Spices!
From the Queen of England to the Queen of Spices (Cardamom/Elaichi), Indian Chai has been through a long journey. But you know the journey has been worthwhile when the outcome is Cardamom Chai.
A Premix of Strong chai with a delicate but refreshing Cardamom flavour, Girnar’s Cardamom (Elachi) Chai is a royal blend that appeases your nose buds and your taste buds.
~ 4 am or 4 pm, In the valley or amidst the clouds, Sailing or Flying, Homely cuddles or solo travel: ghar-jaisi Cardamom Chai can now be made just by adding hot water to this premix! No wonder, coming back home is not necessary to feel at home. ~


Girnar Instant Cardamom Tea 140g


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