Haldirams Minute Khana Vegetable Upma Instant Meal 68g




Semolina (63%)● Clarified Butter● Curry Leaves● Split Bengal Gram● Green Chilli● Edible Vegetable Oil (Refined Sunflower)● Cashew Nuts● Edible Common Salt● Mustard● Sugar● Fresh Lime Juice● Antioxidant (Ins 307B)

Storage Condition

Store in a cool and Dry place.

Brand Message

Haldiram’s Minute Khana Vegetable Upma Instant Meal is a convenient and delicious ready-to-eat meal option. It is made with a mix of semolina vegetables and aromatic spices creating a flavourful and satisfying dish. The meal is easy to prepare requiring only a few minutes of cooking time. It is also a healthy option as it is free from preservatives and artificial additives. This 68g pack is perfect for a quick and filling snack or a light meal on the go.


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