Priya Idli Rava (2kg)


Experience the convenience and authenticity of Priya Idli Rava. Crafted from premium quality rice, this specially processed rava guarantees soft and fluffy idlis every time. With its consistent texture and easy-to-use nature, Priya Idli Rava is perfect for creating South Indian delicacies. Just soak, grind, and ferment to make the batter for your favourite idlis. Whether you’re an idli aficionado or a beginner, Priya Idli Rava promises a delightful culinary journey. Elevate your breakfast with the genuine taste of homemade idlis using Priya Idli Rava. Enjoy the satisfaction of traditional South Indian dishes right in your kitchen.

Nutrients: Fat(0.55g), Of which Saturated Fat(0.15g), Carbohydrates(77.16g), Of which Sugar(0.67g), Protein(7.81g), Salt(0g)

Ingredients: Parboiled Rice Semolina

Allergen: NA

Storage: Store in a clean and dry place

Weight: 2kg


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