Priya Rice Rava (1kg)



Introducing Priya Rice Rava – your kitchen’s secret ingredient for versatile cooking! Made from premium quality rice, this rava (semolina) is finely ground to perfection, ensuring excellent results in various culinary creations. Whether you’re preparing upma, idli, dosa, or a range of traditional South Indian dishes, Priya Rice Rava adds a delightful texture and authentic flavour to your recipes. With its purity and freshness, it’s a favourite among those who appreciate quality in their kitchen. Elevate your cooking and explore the diverse world of South Indian cuisine with Priya Rice Rava. It’s a pantry essential for every home chef!

Nutrients: Fat(0.52g), Of which Saturated Fat(0.18g), Carbohydrates(78.24g), Of which Sugar(0.69g), Protein(7.94g), Salt(0g)

Ingredients: Rice

Allergen: NA

Storage: Store in a clean and dry place

Weight: 1kg

Origin: India


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