Kara sevda is a grocery brand that has a variety of sunflower seeds, Chickpeas, BBQ sauce corn, etc., This Kara sevda is a famous Turkish grocery brand. These Kara sevda sunflower seeds will be very tasty to eat on any occasion.


Kara means ‘Beloved’ or ‘Dear’ and the word Sevda means ‘Infatuation’, ‘Strong love’. But the exact meaning of Kara sevda is “BLACK LOVE” which indicates uncontrollable desire and unrequited love. So this explains with the ultimate taste of this kara sevda will increase our uncontrollable passion for sunflower seeds.

Is it ok to eat sunflower seeds?

Yes. One can eat sunflower seeds these are edible. While the other type of seeds is used to make Sunflower oil have a solid back shell. The eatable seeds have a mild, nutty flavor and a firm but tender texture. You can eat these seeds raw, roasted are combined with other dishes. But you have to avoid eating sunflower seed shells as they are indigestible and will affect your digestive system. Also, these sunflower seeds are a better addition to the diet, providing essential nutrients and make healthy.

Are Kara sevda sunflower seeds good for Health?

These sunflower seeds are one of the world’s healthiest food. Sunflower seeds are known for their high oil content of 90% polyunsaturated fat. These seeds contain all essential substances for human health which are vitamins, minerals, phytosterols, and amino acids.

Sunflower seeds provide anti-inflammatory benefits for those with short-term or chronic inflammation. Studies show that the consumption of seeds including Sunflower seeds will lower the rates of cardiovascular disease.

These sunflower seeds are also rich in ‘Healthy’ fats. It will support your immune system to fight against the viruses in your body. Sunflower seeds have vitamin B1 (also known as thiamin) that will help you to convert food into energy which will keep you active throughout the day.

One of the important benefits of sunflower seeds is the rich content of selenium(28% of RDA per 1 oz) which are imperative for human health. This trace mineral plays an essential role in repairing DNA and inhibiting the growth of cancer cells. Also, there are some other chemical substances in sunflower seeds that play an important role in preventing certain cancers.

The two crispy commercials of Kara sevda sunflower seeds:

One of the supreme snack manufacturers, Gold harvest did the commercial for kara sevda sunflower seeds. In this commercial, Barış Manço’s famous song ‘Kara Sevda’ was taken as background music. They creatively took the salt and unsalted options as a lead for this commercial to represent the colorful moments of life.

In the first commercial, A man was eating the kara sevda sunflower seeds by watching a football match while his wife was sorting the day with her neighbors but his husband continuously sat in the room because of the unlimited kara sevda sunflower seeds.

In the second commercial, it was looking like the match was already over and the fans left the stadium, while a young man is sitting in the stadium with unfinished kara sevda sunflower seeds to eat and regain the joy of a goal scored by his team.

Wide variety of Kara sevda sunflower seeds:

Roasted Salted Black Sunflower Seeds:

It has salted and unsalted varieties with black color seeds. It is high in phosphorus, high in Iron, and high in magnesium. It will reduce fatigue, tiredness, and exhaustion and also contribute to maintaining normal bones.


Roasted Salted White Sunflower Seeds:

It has salted and unsalted varieties with White color seeds. They are perfectly crisp and have a delicious nutty flavor with a tender texture.


Roasted Salted White Sunflower Seeds with taco

It has salted and unsalted varieties with White color seeds. With a perfectly crisp and tender texture, it will improve the health of your skin.

What are you waiting for?

Its better taste and countless benefits will make us fall in love at first bite! So I would say without a doubt that these kara sevda sunflower seeds are one of the best healthy snacks to eat and make us beautiful.

So, what are you waiting for, get your flavorsome snack now!

Get your healthy and crispy sunflower seeds here!

Note: There is a saying like "Too much of anything is good for nothing" so keep that in mind and be in control don't overtake it otherwise it will lead to unwanted side effects.

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