Eti Hoşbeş Hindistan Ceviz Kremalı Kakaolu Gofret 142 g


Eti Hoşbeş Hindistan Ceviz Kremalı Kakaolu Gofret 142 g

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Eti company continues to produce its wafers with different flavors. For example, those with coconut cream are just one of them. It is basically produced in wafer form. While the wafer was cocoa, coconut was provided for its filling.

Eti Hosebes is packaged in the form of cocoa wafers with coconut cream. There are wafer pieces in small sizes in the package. At the same time, it is seen that the brand includes the production of extremely thin wafers. In this way, it was included among the small snacks.

Eti Hosbes, cocoa wafer with coconut cream is consumed in a short time because it has a fresh taste . In other words, you do not want to leave it after a while due to its cocoa content. On the contrary, it meets their curiosity as a light snack due to coconut cream.

The wafer packaged in format has taken its place in Bizim Toptan. In this way, a long package and numbered wafers are included. The wafers are exhibited in an extremely plain and thin structure. In this way, they have become a nice snack that goes well with tea and coffee.

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