Foreaway Sesame Seeds Wasabi 100g


Foreaway Sesame Seeds Wasabi 100g


This product is one stop for you to save times from preparing manually. It perform wasabi spicy taste and suitable for cooked rice, sashimi, sushi, salad, seafood, BBQ etc. An easy way to enhance food application’s flavor and bring up the tasty ever than before.
We are delighted to introduce to you our Flavored Sesame Seeds. It can be widely applied to not only Asian-inspired dishes but also Western-styled cuisines.
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Application of the product:
Home-made dishes?sushi roll/BBQ/salad
Various of packing size available for Food industry/Catering/Retail buyers with OEM services
Suitable for Japanese Cuisine/Korean Cuisine/ Western Cuisine
Premium quality with unique product/ Export worldwide
Flavored Sesame Seeds give your dishes special Made from the finest sesame seeds, Foreway flavored sesame seeds retains outstanding sesame aroma with marvelous flavor, including Smoked, Soy Sauce, Garlic, Wasabi, which will give your dishes a special note.

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